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Several exciting new additions have been added recently to Blacklight Power‘s What’s New page.

There are several videos of modified seam welding equipment being used to excite small aliquots of solid fuel mixture to stimulate hydrino formation with the release of considerable energy. Initially Dr. Mills planned to use magnetohydrodynamic generators to produce electricity from the supersonic charged plasma formed in the reaction, however there is now a video demonstrating use of solar cells to collect the light energy and using it to power LED lights. The light produced by the reaction is apparently 50,000 times brighter than sunlight, and is ideal for use with solar concentrator cells to produce electricity. The water-based solid fuel has gone through two iterations and the latest fuel produces visibly brighter reactions as shown in the videos.

There are also links to two new independent replications of an experiment to demonstrate excess heat production from a heated fuel mixture well in excess of any previously known chemistry.

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2 Responses

  1. Patricia says:

    Sorry boys, this is a scam.The blurb claims that they do elcyrtolesis of water to produce hydrogen.There are two problems with this – you have the same amount of hydrogen on each side of the hydrolysis reaction, it is just in a different chemical form. The second problem is that elcyrtolesis consumes a LOT of energy! Hydrolysis is the reverse of the process that fuel cells use to produce energy from hydrogen gas and oxygen (oxygen is available in air). Hydrolysis is also the reverse of the hydrogen burning reaction – the overall chemistry of a fuel cell is identical to burning, but it makes the reaction work more efficiently to produce more usable energy.A third problem is that they claim to produce hydrinos, then to generate energy from them (net, I assume, otherwise what’s the point of the technology?). Sorry, but that is claiming to have discovered a perpetual motion machine.This is a brazen con, on the same scale as Firepower, which ended up embarrassing a lot of wealthy and scientifically illiterate people (scientific illiteracy doesn’t mean stupidity). I highly recommend that you have a scout around on the web to read up on Firepower if you are thinking of throwing your money at this bunch of con artists. You will not see your money again if you do.Another giveaway is that their webpage isn’t even particularly well written.Keep your money in your pocket, boys.

    • Bob says:

      Your statements on hydrolysis are correct but irrelevant of the facts of the science behind the hydrino discovery. It is not and has never been a ‘scam’. I’ve been following the developments since 2000 and it’s real. The Wiki page is dominated by mindless critics so you’ll get no good information on there. I suggest you read the Just published book Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy available on Amazon.

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